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ESST Schroth Method

Method Schroth

The Schroth method is an internationally recognized three-dimensional conservative treatment method for people of all ages, mainly children using corrective breathing techniques for the treatment of scoliosis, kyphosis and lordosis. The Schroth therapy has a long tradition. Founded in 1921 from KatharinaSchroth in Meissen in eastern Germany. The 1961 Katharina and her daughter Krista moved to Bad Sobernheim and 1983 founded their own clinic - the "Katharina Schroth Klinik". In the Schroth method Germany became the most recognized conservative approach exercise for the treatment of scoliosis.

Basics of Schroth treatment

Patients with scoliosis should have information about the disease to help themselves to develop active coping strategies. This information should include the calculation of the risk of progression even when it is difficult to assess accurately the risk of early development of immature children with scoliosis <25 ° Cobb. To break the vicious cycle of scoliosis, the primary therapeutic dimension, It is to reduce the asymmetrical load on the spine and its effects on the stationary body and orthostatic and structural changes before the end of skeletal maturation.


The specific treatment of scoliosis, individual and possibly in groups, based on the above-mentioned standard teaching and management in clinical reasoning. Major objectives is the detection standard characteristics scoliosis, restoration of normal alignment of posture, static and dynamic posture control, function and stability.

The conservative scoliosis treatment is directed to slowing or preventing the progression, to avoid the use of guardian and the most important, prevention surgery.

Treatment also includes teaching and planning exercises for scoliosis and breathing techniques in accordance with the principles of the change of attitude of Schroth, which allow and encourage patients to perform exercise program at home and achieve changes in everyday life. The intensity of the treatment program must be adapted individually to the exercise capacity of patients and the inherent risk of progression. Special auxiliary passive and active mobilization techniques is mandatory in case of structural functional limitations.

encouraging, compliance, commitment and discipline of patients follow a deep understanding and recognition of the main focus on long-term changes in attitudes. The therapist should be able to accompany patients sometimes for months, years even lifelong.

objectives - Avoiding surgery- Slowing or preventing further progression- Stabilizing spinal correction in three dimensions- Increased chest mobility and pulmonary function- torso symmetry - aesthetic enhancements- Awareness of posture and control of posture changes- home exercise program (HEP)- support for the use of guardian if deemed necessary


Scoliosis is a three-dimensional deformity of the spine…..



Observing a normal spine from the side we will see ……


Construction of guardians by Scoliosis SLC

If the use of a trunk guardian as a therapeutic tool is required, We recommend the construction by the Scoliosis Spine Laser Center. Guardians are of high quality and follow the principles of Schroth 3D therapy. The ScoliosisSLC center is located in Moschato, Thessalonikis 2, near the ISAP station. Phone 2104820211. Email: [email protected]

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